Does Scorn have Couch and Online Co-op - PVP Multiplayer - Cross Play?

A mix of science fiction & horror game playable from FPP. It is set on an imaginary planet that balances on the edge of dream & realism.   

Does Scorn support Local or Online Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Scorn support Local or Online Co-op Multiplayer?
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Does Scorn offer Couch Co-op?
No, Scorn does not offer Couch Co-op.  

Does Scorn support Online Co-op?  
No, Scorn does not support Online Co-op.  

Does Scorn support Couch PVP Multiplayer?  
No, Scorn does not support Couch PVP Multiplayer.  

Does Scorn offer Online PVP Multiplayer?  
No, Scorn does not offer Online PVP Multiplayer.  

Does Scorn support Cross Play?  
No, Scorn does not support Cross Play.  

Does Scorn support Cross Progression?  
Scorn might not support Cross Progression. The developers have not revealed any official news related to Cross Save compatibility for Scorn.



Local Co-op  


Online Co-op  


Mix (Local + Online) Co-op  


LAN Co-op  


Local PVP Multiplayer  


Online PVP Multiplayer  


Mix (Local + Online) PVP Multiplayer  


LAN PVP Multiplayer  


Cross Play  


Scorn Gameplay:

A first-person horror game that takes place in a dark ghostly world. Scorn could not meet its goal of crowdfunding at Kickstarter but the studio received funding through other sources, & they are launching the full version of the game on PC in 2 connected parts.  

Users will enter an imaginary creature planet that balances on the edge of dream & realism. During gameplay, users will move through different interconnected areas that are almost fully composed from organic material. Users need to solve unique puzzles, & meet different characters depending on which area they proceed. Users need to explore the dense environment that plays a crucial role because it can alter the narrative. Users need to crack logical puzzles where they need to control different equipment & switches.  

While progressing through the gameplay, the playable character can learn new abilities & discovers handy stuff & weaponries. Users need to beat their enemies as well as use diverse strategies because they have scarce bullets. Interestingly every person you meet is not dangerous because if they are in a good mood, they might spare you otherwise they will kill you.  

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