Can you play Couch or Online Co-op – PVP Multiplayer – Cross Play – Cross Progression in Street Fighter 6 (SF6)?

Street Fighter 6 is a next instalment in the popular fighting series, developed by CAPCOM. The latest instalment is set to be launched on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One & PC. Street Fighter VI is set to be released throughout the world on 2 June 2023. This game shows the next evolution of the Street Fighter series. It spans across 3 different modes, such as World Tour, Battle Hub & Fighting Ground.

Does Street Fighter 6 support Cross Play?
Does Street Fighter 6 support Cross Play?
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Can you play Couch Co-op in SF 6?

Sadly, SF 6 does not support Couch Co-op so you cannot play the story mode with support of your family / buddies using the same console.


Can you play Online Co-op in SF 6?

Sorry, SF 6 does not offer Online Co-op so you can’t play the story mode with cooperation of your buddies via the internet.


Can you play Couch VS Multiplayer in Street Fighter 6?

Luckily, Street Fighter 6 supports Couch VS Multiplayer so players can start a match with one of the new or returning fighters.


Can you play Online VS Multiplayer in Street Fighter 6?

Fortunately, Street Fighter 6 offers Online VS Multiplayer hence players can play versus a bigger community including buddies or strangers via the internet.


Can you play Cross Play in Street Fighter 6?

Cross Play is available in Street Fighter 6 in both Battle Hub as well as Fighting Ground modes, which allows players to team up in big lobbies. In the lobby, players can fight other fighters, watch matches, and hang out with their buddies or strangers.


Can you play Cross Progression in Street Fighter 6?

Unfortunately, Capcom has not announced Cross Progression support for Street Fighter 6. Players would most likely transfer their story mode progress or online rankings where Cross Progression could be useful.


Multiplayer Mode


Local Co-op


Online Co-op


Mix (Local + Online) Co-op


LAN Co-op


Local PVP Multiplayer


Online PVP Multiplayer


Mix (Local + Online) PVP Multiplayer


LAN PVP Multiplayer


Cross Platform Multiplayer


Street Fighter 6 Key Features:

This game provides a much evolved battle system with 3 types of controls: Classic, Modern & Dynamic, letting users choose to play with their expertise.

The Drive Gauge is a new feature that allows users to maintain their resources. Using it carefully will help users in becoming victorious in the arena.

Users can choose from a roster of eighteen characters.

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