Does Forever Skies support Local Split Screen or Online Co-op – PVP Multiplayer – Cross Play – Cross Progression?

An endurance game that takes users to a planet filled with dangerous fumes. Playing as a scientist, users need to complete research, improve their ship, & attempt to endure the lethal surroundings.

Does Forever Skies support Couch or Online Co-op?
Does Forever Skies support Couch or Online Co-op?
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Forever Skies allows users to play alone or in cooperation with their friends.


Does Forever Skies support Co-op or Multiplayer in Early Access?

The steam page of Forever Skies lists it as a single player game in Early Access. Luckily, the game developers have confirmed that Forever Skies will support Co-op mode when it is officially launched.


Will Forever Skies support Co-op or Multiplayer in the full version?

The game developers will add a four player Online Co-op when Forever Skies releases. Players can play this game with their friends.


Will Forever Skies support Cross Play or Cross Save?

Forever Skies will not offer Cross Play or Cross Save at launch, as the game developers have not revealed any plans of adding these features.


Forever Skies Story & Gameplay:

This game takes place in the future where the planet has been ravaged by a climatic disaster. As an outcome, a layer of dangerous fumes covers the surface of the earth. Nevertheless, some of the inhabitants are still searching for the deserted metropolises including the protagonist. The playable character needs to leave the deck of the airship to find a remedy for the illness ruining the people alive.

The action of this game is seen from a FPP, & the objective of users is to endure in dangerous surroundings. Users can discover & search the world for a way to cure the strange illness killing the remaining people.

In order to confront the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world, users need to make objects & build temporary settlements. Users need to use weapons when they confront enemies.

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