Can I play Local and Online Co-op – PVP Multiplayer – Cross Play in Norland?

A medieval era, City builder game featuring strategic elements. Users need to play as a member of a noble family, who faces diverse aspects of maintaining the nation such as managing the economy, community, politics or army.

Does Norland have Local & Online Co-op Multiplayer?
Does Norland have Local & Online Co-op Multiplayer?
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Can I play Local and Online Co-op in Norland?

Sadly, you cannot play Local and Online Co-op in Norland because it is a single player game.


Can I play Local and Online PVP Multiplayer in Norland?

Sorry, you cannot play Local and Online PVP Multiplayer in Norland.


Can I Cross Play in Norland?

Unfortunately, you cannot Cross Play in Norland.


Can I Cross Save in Norland?

Sorry, you might not be able to Cross Save in Norland. However, the developers have not officially released any news about Cross Progression.




Couch Co-op


Online Co-op


Couch VS Multiplayer


Online VS Multiplayer


Cross Platform Multiplayer


Cross Progression

Might not be included


Norland Story:

This game does not offer a prearranged narrative. It consists of different narratives, in which every interaction with NPCs affect the storyline.

Norland allows users to play as a noble family that rules over a metropolis where people from different professions are living.


Norland Gameplay:

Ruling over the kingdom is not easy, as users will encounter good & bad people. Every person has his own requirements & behaviour, based on both the social status & unique personalities.

The goal of Norland is to improve the metropolis & satisfy its inhabitants. It can be achieved by giving high wages, enhancing population, constructing buildings, fixing people’s issues etc.

Numerous methods are available for maintaining control over the metropolis & enhancing their influence in the world. Based on the moral choices of users, good or bad paths can be chosen for ruling over the city.


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