Can you play Local or Online Co-op – VS Multiplayer – Cross Play – Cross Save in Sunkenland?

A stunning post-apocalyptic endurance game that lets the protagonist discover a water world. The protagonist needs to discover the sunken metropolises, search for raw materials & precious techs, make their settlement, trade with other survivors, battle against pirates & endure.

Does Sunkenland support Local or Online Co-op?
Does Sunkenland support Local or Online Co-op?
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Can you play Offline Co-op in Sunkenland?

Offline Co-op is not available in Sunkenland.


Can you play Online Co-op in Sunkenland?

Luckily, Online Co-op is available in Sunkenland.


Can you play LAN Co-op in Sunkenland?

Fortunately, LAN Co-op is supported in Sunkenland.


Can you play Offline VS Multiplayer in Sunkenland?

Offline VS Multiplayer is not supported in Sunkenland.


Can you play Online VS Multiplayer in Sunkenland?

Online VS Multiplayer is unsupported in Sunkenland.


Can you play LAN VS Multiplayer in Sunkenland?

LAN VS Multiplayer is not supported in Sunkenland.


Can you use Cross Play in Sunkenland?

Cross Play is unsupported in Sunkenland as it is a PC exclusive game


Can you use Cross Progression in Sunkenland?

Cross Progression is not supported in Sunkenland as this game is slated to launch only on PC.


Multiplayer Mode


Local Co-op


Online Co-op


Combo (Local and Online) Co-op


LAN Co-op


Local PVP Multiplayer


Online PVP Multiplayer


Combo (Local and Online) PVP Multiplayer


LAN PVP Multiplayer


Cross Platform Multiplayer



Sunkenland Gameplay:

Collect raw materials, find lost techs, & gather precious post-apocalyptic objects. Users need to make diving gears to help the protagonist in his submerged adventure. Make sure they watch out for the hazards waiting for them in the depths of water.

Users can make their settlement anywhere they wish. Making a base will keep the protagonist refreshed. They can make objects, farm, gather objects, & keep themselves away from the enemies.

Users need to save their settlement against pirates & mutants. They need to construct tall walls, barbed wire, ambushes, surveillance system, & artillery to save their base from their rivals.

Users need to make all they require, such as gears, weaponries, a jet ski, as well as a helicopter. Users need to build different workshops, & blueprints to make complicated objects.

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